Enhancing Organizational Performance

We are committed to assisting our clients in achieving operational efficiencies in the delivery of digital solutions and the use of technologies that support work and service management. Our team strives to identify areas where we can enhance our clients’ existing processes and optimize their technology infrastructure to deliver sustainable improvements or cost savings.

Skilled, Experienced Professionals

At Sentify, we understand that the technology landscape is constantly evolving, and we stay abreast of the latest capabilities to ensure that our clients always have access to the most innovative and effective solutions. Let us help you streamline your operations and maximize your technology investment.

Rapid Migration & Upgrade Services

Receive the help you need through the planning stages to start your upgrade or migration project. Leverage Sentify’s streamlined process to meet your deadline and have confidence in the result.

Sovereign Hosting & Managed Services

Get access to a secure, scalable Atlassian stack hosted where you want it. Whether it is in our Cloud or your Cloud you will receive seamless management and maintenance.

Competitive Renewal Pricing

Competitive quotes, simplified procurement for your next project or renewal.

Team Adoption

Sentify can provide advising and coaching services for your teams. Whether they need workshops on getting started or need to learn to adopt good practices, behavior, and standards, Sentify can assist.

Superior Technical Support

Take advantage of the dedicated and responsive Sentify support team when you need it.

Customer Work

Case Studies

Global Media Agency Requires Atlassian Governance & Licensing Administration

Effective project management, streamlined communication, and governance are vital for achieving organizational success in today’s dynamic business landscape. The Agency, a global leader in the media and advertising industry, recognized the need to optimize it’s software licensing and team performance and reporting capabilities. They sought assistance from Sentify, an Atlassian Platinum Parter, to leverage Jira effectively and demonstrate the value their teams brought to clients.

Utility Organization Receives Expert Atlassian Support

One of the largest utility organizations in Aotearoa, New Zealand, required Atlassian expertise to help split their existing Jira and Confluence Cloud instance to align with entity changes. Sentify now provides essential and continuous Atlassian support, which increased the productivity of the department.

NZ Government Agency Adopts Agile and Delivers Over Industry Benchmarks

A New Zealand Government agency Application Development team faced numerous challenges related to its waterfall approach and lack of transparency. With the shift to product development, the team needed to adopt an Agile software development approach to deliver value to their stakeholders.

CITEC Adopts 100 Projects in 6 Months

CITEC faced a challenge in shifting to automated infrastructure provisioning and adopting Agile-DevOps project delivery methods. Sentify’s services and solutions were crucial in helping the agency achieve its goals of delivering digital transformation services to the Queensland Government. Sentify’s partnership with GitLab and Atlassian provided operational DevOps workflows tailored to CITEC’s specific requirements and security constraints. The solution helped CITEC de-risk the project and ensure timely delivery. 

Department of Defence Reduces Churn and Improves Customer Satisfaction

The Mine Sweeper and Clearance Diving Systems Program Office in Defence had recently adopted a Kanban-driven approach to organizing their work. They had aspirations to improve the cadence of outputs to customers and fix the prioritization issues across multiple teams and service providers.

Government Superannuation Fund Authority Focuses on Vital Work

After several years of infrastructure drift, lack of documentation, and the ongoing maintenance of its tech, The Government Superannuation Fund Authority was in an infrastructure gridlock. They needed to eliminate infrastructure drift and reduce RTO with the help of Sentify.

Four Ways to Get Started

Immediate Value

Rapid discovery & co-learning

Our discovery phase is more than us getting up to speed. We accelerate co-learning though shared insights and drive experiments that support evidence-based decisions and priority.

Troubleshoot a problem

Throw us a problem. We will quickly move past symptoms to understand and resolve issues effectively from team performance, behaviour or IT stability.

Visualise context and prioritise actions

We’ve had a great deal of success kicking off engagements with a workshop. Visualising a workflow or process brings people together, creating a shared sense of purpose, priority, and enthusiasm to take the next step.

Showcase what good looks like

Our discovery phase is more than us getting up to speed. We accelerate co-learning though shared insights and drive experiments that support evidence-based decisions and priority.

Showcase What Good Looks Like

Within a client showcase session, we facilitate ideas, accelerate understanding, gain consensus, and provide a sense of achievement. Less talk, more action, always!

Our customers say it feels different working with us. We take the time to understand each customer's situation, add value at any opportunity and share our experiences with them.

Chris Wellington, CEO & Founder

Migrate & Upgrade

Seek assistance and specialist advice to move from end of life Atlassian Server, upgrade, or migrate to Cloud.


Purchase your Atlassian through us, to enjoy responsive renewals, consolidation advice, and a support service – at no extra cost.


Expertise to help you get more value from your Atlassian stack. From adoption and best practice advice, through to customisation and integration, we can work with you, or for you.