Queensland Health, an agency part of the Australian Government was able to understand its delivery chain in a way it had not experienced before, thanks to the work from Sentify.


Like many Government organisations, Queensland Health has a great number of talented, caring people and is determined to give them the best opportunities to excel. This can be challenging with complex technology, changing legislation and multiple vendors. But a recent workshop helped a QHealth team understand its delivery chain in a way not experienced before.


The workshop began with a collaboration to co-design a path forward the outcomes we wanted from the workshop. Being aligned from the beginning meant that agreeing action and priorities was frictionless. From the outset the team uncovered hidden assumptions about how the organisation worked and how different areas within the programme operated. Each one was mapped and clarified.​ The group gradually established a map of the programme’s delivery methodology from insight to delivery across the entire Value Stream which afforded insight into risks and constraints.


“We revealed unknown risks not just to the programme schedule but to the quality of the products. We developed coping strategies, and adjusted delivery processes to reduce risk likelihood and impact.” In addition, the agency was able to, appreciate joint goals”.   The process created trust such that team members could speak freely suggesting innovative ideas and increased problem solving.