Cloud Migration FAQs

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What affects the migration time-frame?

There are several factors that affect the time a migration will take and how much it could cost.  These include:

  • User volume: the more people you are migrating, the longer it will take
  • Data size: if you have a lot of data to move, it will increase the time it will take to complete a migration
  • Consolidation: If you’ve got a single site that you’re moving to the cloud, it’ll take less time than if you’re consolidating multiple sites into one
  • Products: If you’re migrating one product (e.g. Jira) it’ll be quicker than migrating several (e.g. Jira and Confluence)
  • Apps: If you’re using Apps, you need to consider if they’re available in the cloud and if not, have an alternative place
  • Customizations: If you have any custom fields, apps or non-Atlassian integrations it’ll extend the time to complete the migration

How much will a migration cost

There are multiple factors that affect the cost of migration including user volumes, data size, if you’re consolidating multiple sites, how many products you’re using and if you have any Apps or customizations.  Depending on these factors, you should estimate between 10 and 40 days of effort for the technical migration and excludes your internal teams effort for change management and security compliance

Is there a standard process?

Yes, we have a standard process which is based on Atlassian’s best practice guidance and our experience migrating customers to the cloud.  Our process has been refined over time and has been streamlined to enable successful migrations.

How long will the migration take?

Most organizations will be able to migrate over a weekend. This is based on utilizing our standard process which includes a trial migration.  This step enables us to test the recommended migration approach and refine the run sheet. Depending on the complexity of the migration, the maturity of any plugin providers migration tools and the quantity of data customization and configuration you have it may be required to run this step several times.

Who needs to be involved?

Ideally there is a change champion identified within an organization who can co-ordinate change management processes, communications and wrangle staff to review the trial migration. We work with customers who have a little and a lot of Atlassian administration expertize.

Limited Time advisory offer!

For a limited time only, Sentify is providing up to four hours of complimentary advisory advice to organizations who are contemplating a server-to-cloud migration. This will allow us to delve deeper into the considerations above, make a recommendation on the migration approach. and provide an estimate of the effort to complete the recommended steps.

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