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AI Research & Product Group’s Training and Customized Solutions

Sentify worked with a leading AI group dedicated to advancing responsible AI development. This collaboration aimed to provide consultation and training to the client’s in-house teams, as well as developing custom solutions while adhering to strict security measures.

Phased Cloud Migration for a Large Global Insurance Group

A prominent global insurance group, operating in over 50 countries worldwide, sought to modernize its infrastructure by migrating its extensive and intricate global Data Center (DC) instance to the cloud. With over 10,000 users spread across various regions, the company faced the challenge of orchestrating multiple engagements and migrations simultaneously.

Transforming Enterprise Service Management with Atlassian Jira Service Management for a Healthcare Provider

A healthcare provider had been using a traditional ‘service management’ system encompassing change, incident, request, problem, and asset management. Despite IT’s desire to shift to a more modern solution, they faced resistance from stakeholders due to the lack of a compelling event to initiate change.

Revitalizing a Stalled Cloud Migration for a Financial Institution

A financial services customer, after spending two years in the discovery and planning phase for migrating to Atlassian Cloud, found themselves mired in indecision and a loss of confidence, without having initiated even a trial migration.

Overcoming Resistance and Ensuring Compliance in Atlassian Cloud Migration for an Insurance Company

A larger insurer, and long-time user of Atlassian Server for 15 years, faced significant internal resistance to migrating to the Cloud. Concerns ranged from data sensitivity and PCI compliance risks to the identification of customer accounts.

Atlassian Cloud Migration for a Data Analytics Company

A publicly listed software company utilized Atlassian Server, especially Confluence and Jira, for its extensive team network.