A larger insurer, and long-time user of Atlassian Server for 15 years, faced significant internal resistance to migrating to the Cloud. Concerns ranged from data sensitivity and PCI compliance risks to the identification of customer accounts.


The goal was to address each concern methodically, ensuring compliance and building confidence among the user community to facilitate a smooth transition to Atlassian Cloud.


Resistance to Change: The user community, deeply accustomed to the server environment, strongly resisted the proposed migration to the Cloud.

Data Sensitivity and Compliance Concerns: The handling of sensitive customer data and adherence to PCI compliance standards were major concerns.

Legacy Data and Project Cleanup: The accumulation of 15 years’ worth of data and projects presented a significant challenge in terms of migration readiness and compliance.

Strategy and Approach

Addressing User Resistance

  • Engagement and Communication: Sentify conducted workshops and open forums to address concerns, gather feedback, and provide clear information about the benefits of Cloud migration.

  • Trial Migrations: Pilot migrations were implemented to demonstrate the security, efficiency, and improved functionalities of the Cloud environment.

Ensuring Data Compliance and Security

  • Data Scanning for Compliance: Sentify utilized advanced tools to scan and ensure all data complied with PCI standards before migration.

  • Sensitive Data Management: Strategies for managing and protecting sensitive customer information in the Cloud were developed and communicated to stakeholders.

Data and Project Cleanup

  • Audit and Cleanup of Legacy Data: Sentify performed a comprehensive audit of the existing data and projects, identifying and cleaning up redundant and outdated information.

  • Phased Migration Plan: The migration was executed in phases, allowing for meticulous management of data transfer and minimal disruption.

Building Confidence and Trust

  • Transparent Process: Every step of the migration was transparent, with regular updates and feedback sessions.

  • User Training and Support: Customized training sessions were provided to ensure users were comfortable and proficient in the new Cloud environment.

Summary of Approach

Sentify’s methodical and user-centric approach successfully addressed resistance, compliance concerns, and the complexity of legacy data, ensuring a secure and compliant migration to Atlassian Cloud.

Client Testimonial

A key stakeholder from the insurance company stated, “Sentify’s comprehensive approach was instrumental in overcoming our initial resistance to Cloud migration. They meticulously tackled each issue, from data compliance to user confidence, ensuring a seamless transition. Their ability to clean up 15 years of data and ensure compliance was remarkable, gradually building our trust to move forward with the migration.”