Sentify worked with a leading AI group dedicated to advancing responsible AI development. This collaboration aimed to provide consultation and training to the client’s in-house teams, as well as developing custom solutions while adhering to strict security measures.


The primary objective was to empower the client’s teams with the knowledge and guidance necessary to effectively utilize their full suite of Atlassian tools. Sentify sought to foster a collaborative environment, providing on-demand support and training tailored to the client’s specific needs.


Stringent Security Measures: The client operated under extremely strict security protocols, requiring specialized expertise to ensure compliance without compromising innovation.

Custom Solution Development: The diverse nature of the client’s projects necessitated custom solutions, presenting challenges in aligning with best practices while maintaining security standards.

Flexible Consultation: Sentify needed to adapt to the client’s dynamic requirements, providing on-demand support and guidance throughout the engagement.

Strategy and Approach

Needs Assessment and Customization: Sentify conducted a comprehensive needs assessment to understand the client’s unique challenges and requirements. This allowed for the customization of consultation and training programs tailored to the client’s specific goals.

Secure Collaboration Framework: Sentify established a secure collaboration framework to facilitate seamless communication and knowledge transfer while adhering to strict security protocols. This included encrypted communication channels and secure cloud-based platforms for collaboration.

On-Demand Support and Training: Sentify provided on-demand support and training to the client’s in-house teams, offering guidance on Atlassian best practices and risk mitigation strategies. This flexible approach ensured that teams received timely assistance as needed throughout the engagement.

Summary of Approach

The collaboration between the AI safety and research group and Sentify resulted in significant improvements in the utilization of Atlassian tools.

By providing tailored consultation and training, Sentify empowered the client’s teams to navigate complex challenges while adhering to strict security measures. The flexible and collaborative approach fostered a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, driving success in the client’s AI initiatives.

Client Testimonial

“Sentify has been a great partner in our journey to advance responsible AI development. Their expertise, flexibility, and dedication to security have enabled us to navigate complex challenges with confidence.”