A prominent global insurance group, operating in over 50 countries worldwide, sought to modernize its infrastructure by migrating its extensive and intricate global Data Center (DC) instance to the cloud. With over 10,000 users spread across various regions, the company faced the challenge of orchestrating multiple engagements and migrations simultaneously.


Enable the customer to migrate complex instances to the cloud with minimal disruptions to business operations, and leverage scalable and resilient infrastructure to pave the way for future innovation and growth.


The primary challenge revolved around managing the complexity of migrating a large-scale DC instance to the cloud while ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations. The client needed a partner capable of navigating the intricacies of their global setup, coordinating migrations across diverse territories, and providing tailored solutions to meet specific regional requirements.

Strategy and Approach

Sentify collaborated closely with the internal teams of the insurance group to develop a comprehensive migration strategy. Leveraging Sentify’s expertise and innovative solutions, the following approach was adopted:

Assessment and Prioritization: Sentify conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s infrastructure, applications, and dependencies to identify migration priorities. By categorizing workloads based on criticality, complexity, and business impact, the team developed a prioritization framework to streamline the migration process.

Phased Migration Plan: Recognizing the need for a structured approach, Sentify devised a phased migration plan tailored to the client’s global footprint. Each phase was meticulously designed to address specific geographical regions, ensuring a systematic transition without overwhelming internal resources.

Customized Solutions with Admin as a Service (AaaS): Sentify implemented its AaaS offering to tailor solutions according to the unique requirements of different territories. By providing personalized support and customization options, Sentify ensured seamless integration with local regulatory frameworks, compliance standards, and operational workflows.

Detailed Timeline and Coordination: Sentify collaborated closely with the internal teams of the insurance group to develop a detailed migration timeline, encompassing pre-migration preparation, migration execution, and post-migration optimization. Through effective communication and coordination, Sentify ensured alignment with business objectives and minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.

Hands-On Support and Expert Guidance: Throughout the migration journey, Sentify remained actively involved, offering hands-on support, expert guidance, and proactive problem-solving. Whether addressing technical challenges or navigating regulatory hurdles, Sentify’s dedicated team provided the necessary expertise to drive the migration forward smoothly.

Summary of Approach

Through strategic planning, customized solutions, and close collaboration, Sentify empowered the global insurance group to navigate the complexities of cloud migration successfully. By prioritizing business objectives, mitigating risks, and leveraging innovative technologies, Sentify facilitated a transformative journey towards a modernized and agile IT infrastructure.

Client Testimonial

“The Sentify team worked seamlessly with our internal teams, offering expert guidance and solutions to address our unique requirements in different territories. The collaboration was nothing short of exceptional, fostering a partnership built on trust and transparency.”