Cloud Readiness Assessment

Learn how ready you are to move to the Atlassian cloud

If you already use Atlassian products, you’ll be aware that their Server products will be out of support in February 2024.

Moving to the Atlassian cloud enables organizations to gain the benefits of a platform that grows with them, integrates with their tools, and gets smarter every day. It enables them to maintain agility and deliver exceptional customer experiences whilst lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO), reducing downtime and maintenance, decreasing IT overhead, and improving performance and security.

Readiness review

The Sentify Atlassian Cloud Readiness & Licensing Assessment (CRLA) is a free assessment program to determine how ready your organization is to move to Atlassian Cloud (SaaS). We help you to leverage our years of experience, combined with Atlassian best practices to fully understand the impact and opportunity.

With Sentify’s CRLA you get:

  • A high level budget and action plan to support a migration business case.
  • Atlassian Cloud running costs for your business.
  • A “traffic-light” report highlighting how ready you are for the cloud.
  • Understanding of the considerations spanning organizational, operational and team readiness.
  • Assessment on migration complexity and marketplace plug in compatibility.
  • Guidance from a migration specialist.

How we do it:

  • We perform a workshop with you to understand your business usage and key areas of risk.
  • We use software to collect data about your current usage and cloud compatibility.
  • We analyze your existing licensing and projected Cloud spend.
  • We prepare a report that can be shared with the admin team, platform owners and stakeholders.

Who is the CRLA suitable for?

  • The CRLA is suitable for anyone currently using Atlassian self-hosted Server or Data Center products wanting to understand the impact and benefit of moving to Atlassian Cloud.



If you don’t have the in-house expertize and require a team to manage your migration, contact us to learn how we can help you plan, prepare and migrate to the cloud successfully.

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