A financial services customer, after spending two years in the discovery and planning phase for migrating to Atlassian Cloud, found themselves mired in indecision and a loss of confidence, without having initiated even a trial migration.


The customer engaged Sentify to reset the stalled cloud migration process. The aim was to not only complete the migration efficiently but also to prepare the organization for leveraging maximum value from their new cloud environment.


Stalled Migration Process: The customer’s migration efforts had been stagnant for an extended period, leading to a total loss of confidence in the feasibility of the project.

Lack of Trial Migration: The absence of any trial migration efforts resulted in uncertainties and apprehensions about the actual migration process.

Strategy and Approach

Resetting the Migration Engagement

  • Comprehensive Review and Reset: Sentify began with a thorough review of the existing migration plan, identifying bottlenecks and areas of concern.

  • Streamlined Migration Strategy: A streamlined, efficient migration strategy was developed, focusing on quick wins and demonstrable progress.

Implementing the Migration

  • Rapid Deployment and Execution: Within four months, Sentify efficiently executed the migration, prioritizing essential data and systems to minimize disruption.

  • Communication and Stakeholder Engagement: Regular updates and stakeholder meetings were held to ensure transparency and build confidence throughout the migration process.

Post-Migration: Maximizing Value

  • Assessment of New Capabilities: Post-migration, Sentify conducted an assessment of the new cloud capabilities and how they could be aligned with the customer’s business goals.

  • Training and Workshops: Sentify provided extensive training and workshops to the customer’s team to ensure they were adept at utilizing the new cloud environment.

  • Development of a Future Roadmap: A roadmap for future enhancements and value maximization in the cloud was created, focusing on continuous improvement and strategic utilization of cloud features.

Summary of Approach

Sentify’s intervention revitalized a stalled cloud migration, transforming it into a successful, confidence-building project. Their approach not only achieved a swift and effective migration but also set the stage for ongoing value maximization in the cloud.

Client Testimonial

“When we engaged Sentify, we were stuck and unsure about our cloud migration. Within just four months, they not only got us successfully migrated but also prepared us for the next steps. We’ve gone from asking, ‘How do we migrate?’ to ‘What’s next?’ with excitement. Sentify has opened our eyes to the potential of our new cloud environment.”