A healthcare provider had been using a traditional ‘service management’ system encompassing change, incident, request, problem, and asset management. Despite IT’s desire to shift to a more modern solution, they faced resistance from stakeholders due to the lack of a compelling event to initiate change.


Sentify set out to create a persuasive case for transitioning to Atlassian Jira Service Management, emphasizing the benefits of enterprise service management (ESM) with a focus on consistency, standards, and centralization.


Stakeholder Resistance: For several years, IT struggled to convince other stakeholders to transition to a new service management system.

Lack of Urgency: There was no immediate or compelling reason for stakeholders to consider changing the existing system.

Strategy and Approach

Creating a Groundswell of Support

  • Engaging Non-IT Teams: Efforts were focused on demonstrating the value of ESM to non-IT teams, highlighting how a centralized tool like Atlassian JSM could streamline processes across the organization.

Communicating the Compelling Event

  • Identifying the Burning Platform: A discovery activity was initiated to uncover urgent issues or ‘time bombs’ within the current systems that necessitated immediate action.

  • Effective Communication Strategy: A communication plan was developed to articulate these findings to stakeholders, creating a sense of urgency and the need for change.

Transition to Atlassian Jira Service Management

  • Demonstrating Value and Efficiency: Showcasing the capabilities of Atlassian Jira Service Management in addressing the identified issues, emphasizing its efficiency, and alignment with ESM principles.

  • Pilot Programs: Implementing pilot programs in select departments to provide tangible examples of improvements and benefits.

Summary of Approach

The strategic engagement of non-IT teams and the effective communication of a burning platform within the existing system were key in convincing stakeholders to adopt Atlassian Jira Service Management. This approach not only facilitated the transition but also fostered a more unified and efficient service management environment.

Client Testimonial

“The transition to Atlassian Jira Service Management was a game-changer for our organization. We didn’t realize the inefficiencies and risks we were tolerating until the IT team, with their effective communication and demonstration of Jira’s capabilities, made it clear. Now, we have a more cohesive, standardized approach to service management across all departments.”