A publicly listed software company utilized Atlassian Server, especially Confluence and Jira, for its extensive team network.


The goal was to transition to Atlassian Cloud, a move facilitated by Sentify, aiming to tap into the Cloud’s enhanced features, heightened security, and reduced maintenance needs.


Unsupported Plugins: A significant issue was the presence of vital Atlassian Server plugins that were not supported in the Cloud.

Duplicate Plugins: The existing setup had several redundant plugins, creating inefficiencies.

Database-Level Interactions: Custom processes interacting with the server’s database were incompatible with the Cloud framework.

Access and Functional Changes: The migration was expected to alter user access and functionality, balanced by the introduction of new features.

Strategy and Approach

Managing Unsupported and Duplicate Plugins

  • Assessment and Inventory: An extensive audit by Sentify identified critical and replaceable plugins.

  • Alternatives and Replacements: Sentify explored third-party solutions and crafted custom alternatives for irreplaceable plugins.

  • Consolidation: Redundant plugins were eliminated to streamline the migration to the Cloud.

Addressing Database-Level Interactions

  • Process Mapping: Sentify outlined all processes interacting with the server database.

  • Alternative Workflows: New workflows compatible with the Cloud were developed.

Change Management for Data Consumers

  • Communication: Sentify rolled out a detailed communication plan about the migration.

  • Training and Support: Training sessions and support structures were established to aid in the transition.

Navigating Functional Changes

  • Balancing Losses with Gains: The benefits of new features in the Cloud were emphasized.

  • Feedback Mechanism: A system to gather and act on post-migration feedback was implemented by Sentify.

Communication Strategy for a Seamless Transition
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Sentify involved key stakeholders from each team in the migration planning.

  • Regular Updates: Sentify maintained a schedule of updates for team-wide information sharing.

  • Feedback Loops: Channels for continuous feedback were established for immediate issue resolution.

Summary of Approach

Sentify’s strategy encompassed technical preparation, stakeholder communication, and effective change management.

Client Testimonial

A senior executive remarked, “Engaging Sentify for our Atlassian Cloud migration was a game-changer. Their vast experience in similar migrations brought to light several nuances that we would have missed had we attempted this on our own. Their insights and proactive approach in anticipating and solving problems were invaluable.”

Additionally, the customer praised Sentify’s working style: “Working with Sentify was a refreshing experience. Their transparency, willingness to share knowledge, and responsiveness to inevitable challenges set them apart from other IT vendors we’ve worked with. They were upfront and collaborative throughout the process, making a typically complex transition much smoother.”