A small team within an education research institution was inundated with requests managed through ad hoc shoulder-tapping and emails, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of tracking.


The goal was to revolutionize their request management process, transitioning to a more structured and efficient system. Sentify was engaged to provide a solution that could be quickly implemented and easily adapted to the team’s evolving needs.


Inefficient Request Management: The existing process of managing requests via informal channels and email was unstructured and ineffective.

Need for Rapid Implementation: The team required a solution that could be deployed swiftly, without a lengthy design or implementation phase.

Strategy and Approach

Demonstrating Immediate Value

  • Interactive Demonstration: Sentify conducted an hour-long demo, attentively listening to the customer’s requirements and showcasing a system that could immediately transform their way of working.

Fast-Tracking Implementation

  • Rapid Design and Go-Live: Bypassing the conventional lengthy design and implementation phases, Sentify fast-tracked the deployment of the new system.

  • Immediate System Use: Within a day of the demonstration, the team was equipped to use the real system, enabling immediate interaction with business users.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

  • Small Iterations: The system was designed to accommodate small, on-the-fly iterations, allowing for continuous refinement based on real-time feedback and evolving interactions.

  • User-Centric Design: Sentify maintained a focus on user experience, ensuring the system was intuitive and met the specific needs of the team.

Summary of Approach

Sentify’s agile methodology and user-centric approach enabled the small team to rapidly transition to an efficient request management system. This approach not only addressed immediate needs but also provided a flexible framework for ongoing adjustments and improvements.

Client Testimonial

“Sentify’s solution was a revelation for us. The shift from our chaotic email-based system to this streamlined process was almost instant. Their ability to understand our needs and rapidly implement a solution that we could start using within a day was exceptional. The ongoing adjustments based on our evolving requirements have made a significant impact on our efficiency.”