A hospitality group sought to implement Enterprise Service Management (ESM) across multiple business units. To ensure a smooth and efficient rollout, Sentify adopted a strategy of starting with one business unit, perfecting the process, and then progressively on-boarding others.


The primary goal was to establish ESM successfully within one business unit first, using this as a model to facilitate easier and faster implementation in subsequent units.


Initial Resistance and Uncertainty: Introducing a new ESM system can often be met with resistance or skepticism, particularly from units accustomed to existing processes.

Ensuring Scalability and Adaptability: The solution needed to be scalable and adaptable to suit the varying needs of different business units.

Strategy and Approach

Starting with One Business Unit

  • Trial and Feedback: The first business unit adopted the new system, using it actively to gather real-world feedback.

  • Process Refinement: Based on this feedback, Sentify refined the processes to better align with practical needs and challenges.

Building and Hardening the First Project

  • Incident and Request Management Implementation: The initial focus was on incident and request management.

  • Live Implementation and Iterative Improvement: After going live, the system was continuously hardened and improved, incorporating user feedback.

Gradual Rollout

  • Phased Approach: The rollout began with 5 outlets within the first business unit, then expanded to 10, and eventually encompassed all 120 outlets.

  • Documenting Processes and Learnings: Key processes and learnings from this initial phase were thoroughly documented.

Accelerated Subsequent Rollouts

  • Template Creation: The successful implementation in the first business unit served as a template for subsequent ones.

  • Faster Implementation in Subsequent Units: The groundwork laid in the first business unit enabled much quicker rollouts in the following units.

Summary of Approach

Sentify’s methodical and phased approach in implementing ESM in one business unit first proved crucial in paving the way for smoother, faster rollouts in subsequent units. This strategy not only ensured the system’s effectiveness and adaptability but also built confidence and professionalism in its deployment across the organization.

Client Testimonial

“The approach taken by Sentify to start with our pilot business unit was brilliant. It allowed us to really fine-tune the system and get it right before expanding it to other units. The success and confidence we gained in the first phase made the subsequent rollouts so much more efficient. The investment in time and resources in the first unit definitely paved the way for the others, reducing overall implementation time significantly.”