A organization utilizing Atlassian Jira and Confluence Server, faced the challenge of migrating to the Cloud. The move to Atlassian Data Center was not feasible due to the minimum requirement of 500 users and associated costs.


The customer aimed to transition to Atlassian Cloud, despite having no allocated budget for migration and concerns over the increased costs of cloud licensing.


Budget Constraints: The customer had not budgeted for a migration, and the additional costs of cloud licensing were a significant concern.

Management’s Scrutiny: Management questioned the necessity and financial implications of the migration, spotlighting the increased expenses.

Strategy and Approach

Building a Business Case

  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis: Sentify conducted a comprehensive analysis of the total cost of ownership (TCO), comparing the existing server setup with the proposed cloud migration.

  • Long-Term Cost-Benefit Analysis: Sentify presented a long-term view of the financial benefits, including reduced maintenance costs, improved scalability, and enhanced security.

  • Highlighting Cloud Advantages: The business case emphasized the strategic advantages of the Cloud, such as enhanced collaboration, remote accessibility, and continuous updates.

Low-Cost Migration Strategy

  • Plugin Reduction: Sentify identified and eliminated non-essential plugins, reducing licensing fees and simplifying the migration.

  • Minimum Viable Migration: The focus was on migrating only essential data and functionalities, minimizing the immediate cost impact.

  • Archiving Non-Essential Data: Non-critical data was archived into a cost-effective data warehouse, ensuring availability for audit purposes without burdening the cloud environment.

Execution and Support

  • Phased Migration Plan: Sentify developed a phased approach to migration, allowing for gradual adaptation and cost management.

  • Training and Support: Training sessions and support structures were implemented to ensure a smooth transition for users.

  • Cost-Effective Licensing: Sentify worked with the customer to select the most cost-effective cloud licensing options based on their specific needs.

Summary of Approach

Sentify’s strategic planning and execution facilitated a cost-effective migration to Atlassian Cloud, addressing budget constraints and management concerns.

Client Testimonial

A senior executive from the customer organization commented, “Sentify’s expertise in building a compelling business case was crucial. They not only justified the migration in terms of total cost of ownership but also strategically guided us through a low-cost migration process. Their focus on reducing unnecessary expenditures without compromising on essential functionalities made this transition feasible and successful.”