As their dedicated Atlassian Partner, Sentify was called upon to provide specialist services to various departments within the Agency. Governance across the Atlassian instance was their primary concern with an ambitious goal to save 30% in licensing costs.


Sentify was engaged by a New York City headquartered, global media agency. The Agency helps some of the world’s biggest brands utilize media to reinvent how they interact with consumers. Helping them understand new channels, new genres, new commerce platforms and new experiences.


With a large Atlassian license footprint to govern, the Agency required help from an experienced Atlassian partner. They sought out help once they realized they lacked the resources to administer and manage their large Atlassian instance. 

During the engagement the Agency’s team were also confronted with several challenges in utilizing Jira and aligning their work processes. They were looking for a standardized approach to streamline reporting across projects to improve their ability to consolidate and evaluate work within Jira. The absence of a clear structure for task management led to inefficiencies and inconsistent practices, hampering the team’s performance and ability to showcase their value to clients. 


To address the challenges faced by the Agency, Sentify was able to analyze the Atlassian footprint and find legacy applications and users that no longer required licenses. Through licensing consumption model assessment process, Sentify found their client substantial cost savings. They provided commercial governance and oversight across the large annual spend and provided an ‘Atlassian Admin as a Service’ to augment the Agency’s internal resource structure. 

During Sentify’s engagement they initiated a value stream workshop to understand the Agency team’s pain points. Significant obstacles were identified through this collaborative approach and a systematic solution was proposed to alleviate these challenges.  

During the workshop, the Agency team expressed their desire to standardize and enhance their work processes. Recognizing the need for an iterative approach, the group agreed to implement improvements gradually, addressing issues as they arose. A standardized workflow was defined and agreed upon to optimize operations and facilitate effective collaboration.  

The agreed-upon approach involved utilizing two additional workshops to focus on implementing requirements definition in Confluence and seamlessly transferring those requirements to Jira. Sentify conducted these workshops, equipping the Agency team with the knowledge and tools to implement the suggested processes effectively.  


The collaboration between Sentify and he Agency yielded tangible and transformative results. With Sentify’s guidance, the Agency received substantial savings.  The Head of Technology challenged Sentify, “if you find me 30% of savings, I’ll be employee of the month!”. Sentify exceeded this challenge and provided a total savings on consolidation of licenses of 31%. 

The buy-in from the Agency’s analytics team was a critical success factor in embracing their new way of working during this transitional period, and Sentify played an instrumental role in facilitating this process.  

One of the significant outcomes of the collaboration was improved communication and project management. By standardizing their workflow and adopting best practices, the Agency experienced streamlined communication channels, enabling teams to collaborate more effectively and enhance overall project efficiency. The consolidation of work within Jira provided a standardized view, simplifying reporting and reducing the time spent on manual reporting tasks.  

Furthermore, implementing the suggested processes within the analytics team resulted in increased productivity. By defining requirements in Confluence and seamlessly transitioning them to Jira, Essence Global eliminated ambiguity, reduced rework, and enhanced task clarity. The newfound efficiency allowed teams to focus on core objectives and deliver high-quality results within specified timelines.  

Due to Sentify’s long-term commercial governance work and new ways of working project, Sentify has successfully partnered with the Agency as their preferred Atlassian provider for over 3 years. 


The successful collaboration between Sentify and the Agency exemplifies the transformative power of strategic technology partnerships. By recognizing the challenges faced by the Agency , providing governance and tailoring a comprehensive solution, Sentify saved them 31% on their Atlassian licensing. the Agency were empowered to overcome its hurdles, optimize team performance, and demonstrate value to its own clients.  

Sentify’s expertise and commitment to understanding the Agency’s unique requirements were pivotal in delivering measurable outcomes. This case study underscores the value of collaborative problem-solving and strategic technology solutions in driving organizational transformation and propelling businesses toward continued success.