When considering a new service management solution, understanding the potential return on investment (ROI) is crucial. This blog post delves into a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Atlassian, exploring the potential ROI organizations can achieve with Jira Service Management. We’ll analyze the key findings and demonstrate how Jira Service Management can deliver significant financial benefits for your business. 

The Challenge of Quantifying Value 

Traditionally, measuring the ROI of service management solutions can be challenging. Legacy systems are often complex, and their impact on business performance can be difficult to quantify. However, Jira Service Management takes a different approach. 

Forrester’s ROI Study: Unlocking the Value of Jira Service Management 

Atlassian commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to evaluate the potential financial impact of Jira Service Management on organizations. The study interviewed nine representatives from various businesses and analyzed real customer data. Here’s a closer look at the key findings: 

  • 277% Average ROI over Three Years: 
    • The study found that organizations implementing Jira Service Management could expect an average ROI of 277% over a three-year period. This translates to a significant increase in the return on investment for businesses. 
  • $4.19 Million in Total Benefits: 
    • On average, organizations leveraging Jira Service Management could expect to achieve total benefits of $4.19 million over three years. These benefits encompass cost savings and increased productivity gains. 
  • $2.1 Million Cost Savings: 
    • A significant portion of the benefits came from cost savings associated with replacing legacy service management solutions. Jira Service Management’s user-friendly interface and streamlined workflows can potentially reduce administrative burdens and lower overall IT support costs. 
  • $1.4 Million in Service Desk Productivity: 
    • Improved service desk efficiency is another key benefit. Jira Service Management’s features, such as knowledge base integration and automated workflows, can empower service desk teams to resolve issues faster and dedicate more time to value-added activities. 

Beyond the Numbers: The Qualitative Impact 

While the numbers paint a compelling picture, the true value of Jira Service Management extends beyond the financial ROI. It can also lead to: 

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: 
    • Faster resolution times and a more streamlined service experience can significantly enhance customer satisfaction. 
  • Enhanced Employee Experience: 
    • User-friendly tools and automated workflows can contribute to a more positive employee experience for service desk agents. 
  • Increased Team Collaboration: 
    • Jira Service Management facilitates collaboration between service desk teams and other departments, fostering a more cohesive approach to service delivery. 

Calculating Your ROI: A Framework for Success 

Atlassian offers an ROI calculator to help organizations estimate the potential financial benefits of implementing Jira Service Management. By considering factors like the number of service desk agents, the number of incidents resolved annually, and the cost of your current service management solution, you can gain valuable insights into the potential return on investment for your specific business. 

Investing in the Future: A Sound Decision 

The findings of the Forrester study and the potential benefits highlighted above demonstrate that Jira Service Management can deliver a strong ROI for businesses. By improving service desk efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction, Jira Service Management can empower organizations to achieve their business goals and thrive in the digital age. 

Ready to Take the Next Step? 

If you’re looking for a service management solution that delivers a strong return on investment, consider exploring Jira Service Management. Atlassian’s resources and ROI calculator can help you determine if it’s the right fit for your organization. Investing in Jira Service Management can be a sound decision that propels your business towards a future of improved service delivery and greater efficiency. 

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