In today’s digital age, customer service expectations are higher than ever. Organizations need to adapt their service management strategies to deliver consistently exceptional experiences. This blog post explores how Atlassian helps businesses re-imagine service management, drawing insights from the Atlassian article “Reimagining service management with Atlassian customers the NRMA and Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd. We’ll delve into how two leading companies, NRMA and Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (Domino’s), are leveraging Atlassian solutions to transform their service delivery. 

The Need for Modern Service Management 

Traditional service management approaches can often be siloed and cumbersome, hindering collaboration and hindering efficiency. This can lead to frustrated customers and a reactive approach to service issues. 

Modern service management solutions, however, take a more holistic approach, breaking down departmental barriers and fostering a proactive approach to service delivery. Imagine a customer service representative who can access all relevant information about a customer inquiry in one centralized platform, allowing them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. This is the power of modern service management – creating a seamless experience for both customers and service teams. 

Atlassian: A Platform for Transformation 

Atlassian’s Jira Service Management has become a key tool for businesses re-imagining their service delivery. Here’s how NRMA and Domino’s are leveraging its capabilities: 

  • NRMA: Transforming Customer Experience 
    • NRMA, a leading Australian roadside assistance and insurance provider, utilized Jira Service Management to consolidate multiple service desks into a single platform. This streamlined approach improved internal collaboration and visibility, allowing them to deliver a more consistent and efficient service to their members. Imagine roadside assistance teams having real-time access to a customer’s membership details and past service history, enabling them to provide faster and more personalized support. 
  • Domino’s: Delivering Efficiency at Scale
    • Domino’s, a global pizza giant with a vast network of stores, utilized Jira Service Management to create a unified service desk for all 12 markets and 3,800 stores worldwide. This centralized platform fosters seamless collaboration between Domino’s engineering and business teams, ensuring issues are addressed promptly and effectively. Imagine a single platform for reporting equipment malfunctions at any Domino’s store, allowing for faster repairs and minimizing downtime. 

The Benefits of Modern Service Management with Atlassian 

By adopting Atlassian’s solutions, organizations can experience a range of significant benefits: 

  • Improved Customer Experience: Streamlined workflows and centralized platforms ensure a faster and more efficient service experience for customers. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Unified platforms break down departmental silos, fostering better communication and collaboration across teams. 
  • Increased Efficiency: Automated processes and centralized information management lead to a more efficient service delivery model. 
  • Greater Visibility: Real-time data and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights to improve service delivery over time. 


The stories of NRMA and Domino’s highlight the transformative power of modern service management with Atlassian. By embracing a unified platform and fostering collaboration, organizations can deliver exceptional customer experiences and achieve operational excellence. If you’re looking to re-imagine your service management approach and empower your teams, then Atlassian solutions can be a powerful asset in your journey.