Ready to buy Jira?

Sentify provides a seamless procurement experience of Atlassian Jira. Need help to understand the options, multiple plugins, how to make cost savings?

We can’t believe how many customers are overpaying for Jira Software.

Independent licensing specialists here to save you time and money

Take the hassle out of buying Jira Software. We offer a professional and responsive service and our Atlassian Platinum status reflects the happy customers we help.

  • We like to keep things simple
  • Get it done once and right
  • Flexible terms to meet your specific procurement needs
  • We offer a fast track service

Why place your trust in Sentify?

Our recent Service Partner award demonstrates we stand out from the crowd. Atlassian awarded Sentify Service Partner of the Year 2021. This award recognises partners who go above and beyond and play an instrumental role in customer success.

Atlassian Partner of the Year

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