Atlassian Intelligence

Introducing Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence is a collection of AI-powered capabilities across cloud products that helps teams accelerate work, increase efficiency, and provide value faster using AI.

It is your virtual teammate, developed with Atlassian’s AI models and OpenAI to deliver transformative insights from your data and drive action across your teams.

Organizations use Atlassian Intelligence to:

Accelerate Work

Help teams  have quick access to information and speed up their work by generating and transforming content.

Achieve Enhanced Productivity in Atlassian Products

Generate new content, edit the tone of writing, summarize documents, or find information in Confluence, Jira and beyond. In Jira Service Management, use the virtual agent for immediate responses or summarize complex requests.


Increase Efficiency

Summarize critical details in data, allowing teams to grasp key points quickly.

Deliver Context-Specific Results

Deliver results specific to your organization’s context by using the Teamwork graph, internal language models, and OpenAI.

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