Are you spending more than you need to on Atlassian licensing

Our Experience

Our customers have benefited from our learnings and reduced migration frustration, effort and time as a result.

  • Lots of planning won’t be as useful as the issues identified from a trial migration
  • Understand your new licensing footprint in the Cloud and the choices you have
  • Keep your business informed and be prepared to be flexible
  • Engage a Partner early

Why use an Atlassian Partner?

As the configuration complexity, number of users and plugin’s increase Atlassian recommend you use a partner. There are always additional pre or post migration steps required outside of the free migration tools available to complete the migration. Without having completed a migration before finding solutions to these issues can be time consuming and frustrating. With our experience we can solve most issues quickly. Some issues need Atlassian back-end support. Because we work closely with the Atlassian Cloud migration team every day we have the relationship to get action much faster than you would on your own.

Why place your trust in Sentify?

Our recent Service Partner award demonstrates we stand out from the crowd. Atlassian awarded Sentify Service Partner of the Year 2021. This award recognises partners who go above and beyond and play an instrumental role in customer success.

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